Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tribute to Ruffio

Today is Amanda Ruth Brown Kemp's (aka Roo-head & Ruffio) 32 birthday!
Just wanted to give a shout out to my sis on her special day here's your cheesecake, you hot momma!
Little history about Roo:
We are only 13 months apart...bless our mom's heart, what was she thinking??
We didn't always like each other growing up...somebody had to the be the odd man out, right??
Roo was always adventurous and had to try things out for herself...she never really like to take people's word on things, no matter what it was...good or bad. Me, I always played it safe.

Now, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't call her or stop by. I love her company, her contagious enthusiasm, her advice and her friendship. She is my sister, my friend, my confidante and a shoulder to cry on when I need it most.

So here's to you! My 3 favorite things about you, this year and every other year...

1. You say it like it is, regardless of someone's feelings. This is sometimes very blunt and possibly painful, but I know if I ask your opinion about something you won't spare my's as if it's a waste of your time if you don't tell the truth and why bother answering if it's not the truth. This comes in handy when we go shopping, or if I ask how I look. I can count on the hard truth from you...and so can everyone else for that matter.

2. Your ability to make up songs about anything and everything...You are like my very own Julia Andrews. My kids love the songs you have come up with for each of them and I know your daughters will cherish all the many song you have for them when they realize they were created just for them.

3. Your smile and laugh. It just so happens your smile is bigger than mine (hard to do) and hands down you have more teeth than I do...who can keep their wisdom teeth, seriously?! Your laugh is a good, solid laugh that comes from the keep it in most of the time but when you don't have the weight of the world on your shoulders and we sit back and play "remember the time...?" that's the laugh I love.

I admire lots about you. I love your mothering ask me about parenting which builds my confidence but the relationship you have with Miguel and Boo is amazing. You are an amazing mother.

Thanks for always experiencing the year before me so I know what to expect and what to avoid, you'll always be older and wiser...Happy Birthday!

p.s. you know I don't blog so my gift to you is a posting!

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Kemp Kuties said...

Thanks JoJo. You're the best sister anyone could ever have - you're tribute to me was awesome. Loves to you forever!