Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gage's "twin" toes

Most people have 10 toes, some 11 (never known anyone with 11 but I'm sure they are out there). But according to Aunt Jessi, Gage has 8 toes. Gage is very unique because he has webbed toes. It sounds gross, but they are so cute. He recently discovered what he has termed, "his twin toes." He doesn't know he is different and he doesn't care. But someday when asked, "what is something that you have and no one else does?" His response can be his webbed toes.

Jed and I were told that Gage had webbed toes when he was in-utero; when he was born the pediatrician said he could snip his toes (at the same time as snipping his you-know-what). Well, when his toes were less than 2 cm long they didn't appear that webbed. However, the bigger he gets the more obvious it is. Grandpa Chrisman says he'll run faster, "ducks have webbed feet & you can't ever catch a duck." You can tell Reese's toes are jointed together (is that how to describe it?) but they aren't webbed through the digits.

So, here's to the webbed-toe Chrisman kids. Cy is exempt from this trait and it has yet to be detected on Baby Peanut. I know some of you are not feet/toe people so good luck enduring these pictures. FYI Ashton so-hot Kutcher also has webbed toes.

Gage's "Twin" Toes

Reese's Toes