Friday, July 17, 2009

Coco Chrisman

The Chrisman house is no longer a pet-free zone. I was running out of excuses for Jed not having a dog. So for his #30 birthday, I gave him this handsome chocolate lab. It was a true gift because honestly I didn't want a dog but Jed has been begging for one since the day we married. The dog is a handful. The kids love him and Coco loves to nibble on them...all except Taylor. Coco knows not to bug Tay because she doesn't bug him. Now we have a small problem...Jed promised Reese she could have a cat when he got his dog. The pet gates have opened. What have I done??

All on a Saturday afternoon

I love Saturdays. It's a day off work and a day off school for the kids.
It's also the day we spend with the Kemp Kuties when Jed is at softball.
This Saturday was particularly eventful.
Cy was showing Mary Gail how to jump off the couch onto the cushions.
He stood up as Mary Gail was jumping head first.
Cy caught the top of Mary Gail's head with his cheek.
I know it looks bad but it's still hard to have a lot of sympathy of the kid when he can be such a bully.
Cy gets a black eye.
Taylor practices walking.
Cy gets to ride by Becca Boo to Walmart...he is thrilled and well, Boo, is probably terrified.
Taylor & Mary Gail are secure in their carseats on the Walmart trip.
Seriously, the binky came out of nowhere and she loves it.

Taylor Bug

Taylor is SO sweet. She is so mellow and patient. We love her and her smile!

R Kids Patriotic Parade

The pre-school holds an annual patriotic parade around the parking lot. The kids think it's the best and I think it's amazing what the daycare comes up with! All the kids work on project throughout the week to use during the parade. I took the above picture before school , hoping for a good shot while everyone was clean and happy, well at least they are clean. Coco, either get in the photo or get out...

Cy's class made star hats.
Taylor's group got to ride in the wagons.

This is a classic Reese moment! Trully loving the parade experience.

Reese and friends: Rachel & Kennedy.
P.S. Reese is the youngest of the three.


Check out sweet Avery laying down in the back of the truck.

The 4th of July consisted of me going to Provo at 6am for the Freedom 10k, then crazy fun swim & food party at Grandma Black, movies & games, and more food. So at the end of the day, Jed and I were spent. We had good intentions to make it over to Provo for Stadium of Fire Fireworks but we didn't have the energy. We were gratitude Mike and gang came over to share their fireworks and for the neighbors who must of made it to Wyoming :)

4th of July Swim Party

No one told Cy he had to fill the water gun up with water so he was constantly going after people just making the sounds of guns and never getting anyone wet.

Every year Uncle Josh is a huge favorite with the water fight.
The kids all gang up on him and Uncle Paul and they all play hard.
The watering hole.

Sorry, Grandma Black. Caught you in a blink but you still look great in your patriotic red!

What did you find Mary Gail? Coco found a shady spot.
Cute cousins. Only 7 days and 15lbs different! We love you, Ella!

Balloon Launch & Brunch

We love the 4th of July!
We met the cousins at Fox Field for the balloon launch.
It was tons 'o fun!
Taylor definately has her favorites....Dad is #1.

Love these blue eyes!
Somehow Cy thought the entire donut could fit into his mouth at once.
Maybe he saw his dad to do it...

Donuts, pink chocolate milk & oj, cool balloons,
what more could you ask for at 7am?

Happy Pappy!

Dad has to share his birthday with Father's day which means he gets jipped. Dads are hard to purchase gifts for. He's always appreciative of the thought and the item but we never really seem to get what he wants. I think we hit the target on this one!

Check out that hundred watt smile. Also check out Preston in the background struggling to hold on to 30lbs. Taylor.

Pappy and all the grandbabies!

Gage brought his chess set to challenge everyone to a game. Chess is his new favorite past time (that's what happens when you don't have cable tv...lots and lots of games).

Gage's Birthday

Gage turned 6!
6 is a big number and I wanted to do something fun for his birthday so I asked for his imput. Gage is like his Dad and is comfortable at home. Gage just wanted to have a swim party at the house. I suggested Lagoon and said it was like LegoLand with rollercoaster rides. Gage said no thanks, we went anyways.... I think Gage is glad we did!
Best Friends

This is the way Reese rides every rollercoaster...
with her arms straight up in the air!

Honestly, it couldn't have been a better carosaul ride.
Reese found a cat to ride with matching blue eyes!
It was a great day at the park. We were a little sad that the stitches held us back from Lagoon a Beach, but maybe next time!

8 Stitches

Straight out of the shower & eager to show off her war wounds.
So I use to be able to say none of my kids have had any broken bones or stitches. Reese broke the record. She was playing with the boys outside & Cy pushed her from behind and she landed directly on her chin. Jed was at softball in Provo so I called Grandma Black & Pappy to the rescue. Pappy stayed with the kids...all of them were sent directly to bed (it was safer for them there) and Grandma Black drove me while I held Reese to Springville Instacare. FYI: Springville instacare closes at 8pm sharp. They will not see you at 8:02pm even if your 4 year old is dripping blood from her face & stitches were obviously needed. Rest assured we love the new Instacare in Provo and Reese has a small crush on Dr. Hale. Dr. Hale laughed to hear the brother who caused the disaster was only 2.