Friday, July 17, 2009

R Kids Patriotic Parade

The pre-school holds an annual patriotic parade around the parking lot. The kids think it's the best and I think it's amazing what the daycare comes up with! All the kids work on project throughout the week to use during the parade. I took the above picture before school , hoping for a good shot while everyone was clean and happy, well at least they are clean. Coco, either get in the photo or get out...

Cy's class made star hats.
Taylor's group got to ride in the wagons.

This is a classic Reese moment! Trully loving the parade experience.

Reese and friends: Rachel & Kennedy.
P.S. Reese is the youngest of the three.


Kemp Kuties said...

Geez, Coco. Either you're in the picture, or you're out! Hee, hee. I'm glad I'm not the only one that hears that :)

Could your kids be ANY cuter? I mean really, Jo! Cy looks like a grumpy bug; Taylor is a perfect angel; Reese is in her own la-la land. I love them!

Spence and Car said...

I'M so glad you kept the tradition alive and bought everyone their own 4th of july outfit! i loved it when mom would buy us outfits matching of course to wear to the parade!