Saturday, November 29, 2008

Breakfast conversation

I love listening in on the big kids' conversations! Gage is the negotiator and informer of the family. He is a really logical child and there is always a reason behind his behavior...the explanation of which, usually involved a lot of hand gestures. Yesterday, we started putting up the Christmas decorations so this morning's breakfast conversation was about Christmas.
The kids have a small nativity set that they like to play with. Reese had brought baby Jesus to the counter with her. Gage was telling Reese that Jesus was not a baby anymore. Reese argued back, "yes, Jesus is a baby...look right here." And then she held up the baby Jesus in the manger. Gage said, "well, Christmas is for Jesus' birthday and he is like a million years old." Reese said something else but Gage got the last line in: "I've had 5 Christmases so Jesus is at least 5."

Move over Greg Walker, Reese has a new man in town!!

Reese's favorite teddy bear is named Greg Walker. A big name for a teddy bear. There is a funny story behind the naming of the bear. Reese had a Teddy Bear Picnic at school which required her to bring the obvious, a teddy bear. Reese picked the biggest bear we had in the house. I asked her what his name was. I suggested silly names like: Bob, Fred, etc. Reese's response was, "his name is Greg Walker." There was no talking her out of this name and it's been Greg Walker ever since. Reese (and everyone else in the house) always uses his full name. Greg Walker is a real person. He was Jed's manager for the past 5 years. Greg retired last March but up until then the name was thrown around a lot. The best part of the story is Reese says things like, "Greg Walker is going to sleep with me tonight" or "Greg Walker is so cranky." I know it's wrong but it seriously cracks Jed and I up. Anyways, Reese always puts Greg Walker to bed somewhere close to her but when we got the Christmas stuff out, Greg Walker was relocated to the boys' room. Don't worry Greg Walker, I'm sure when Christmas is over, you'll be back in the #1 spot. Jed really wishes we had a picture of the real Greg Walker to post so you could all see how funny it is that a little girl has named a bear after him. We love that guy!

Busy Day for Cy

Notice the red circle markings on Reese's check? That would be my little man, Cy's teeth marks. Yeah, I'm still wondering the same thing, "how did Cy get that close to her?" And yes, she is wearing was the only way to stop the crying. This picture was taken Thanksgiving morning when Gage, Reese and I were leaving to see "Madagascar 2." The following picture was taken by Jed just little while after we left...
Why are all the chairs & stools on the counter? Well, Cy has discovered he can move these ladders anywhere in the house to get things he shouldn't. The kid is CRAZY busy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Escape Artist

Cy and I have a love/hate relationship. Mostly, I love him and, well, he is pretty grumpy with me. The kid is great but he has a short fuse. Watch out because he carries a baseball bat and he knows how to swing it. Of all of our kids, Cy is the most extreme...curious, busy, LOUD (he rivals Reese). He's newest adventure is as follows...

"Good Night, Mom! I love you."
Stage 1: the leg lift
Stage 2: The balancing act.
This is difficult for know what I mean if you've seen his tummy.
Stage 3: The dismount
Stage 4: His response when I tell him it's not a good idea.
Since Cy discovered he was capable of climbing out of the small 2 feet space between his crib and Gage's bunk bed, he has not stayed in his bed since! Here's to happy sleep at your house!

WHAT THE...?!*?

"You're kidding me? I have 2 teeth!?"

Taylor Bug surprised us with 2 bottom teeth which we discovered on Nov.4...when she was only 41/2 months old. WHAT THE...? She is seriously the happiest, most easy going baby and was not fussy at all as she cut these teeth. Cy, however, has made up for it :)

Movie Night at the Chrisman's

We have movie night every Friday night. Jed prints up tickets for the kids to redeem for a movie, popcorn and a treat. The kids take turns being the Ticket Taker. Grandma Chrisman sewed Gage and Reese aprons to wear when they take the tickets. Cy didn't have one yet. But one day early in the week, the kids got a package from Grandma...

Treats for the show and...
An apron for Cy!!
Movie night was a hit!
P.S. this is Jed, Day 2, after ACL surgery...he's all smiles because he's on pain meds.


Marching to Pappy's house...the determination for candy.

Pappy & Cy are negotiating opening the fruit snacks.
The trade off was worth it!
Taylor shows her Halloween spirit
Ladies & Gents, Hannah Montana has arrived!
Reese, aka Hannah, and Pappy got their groove on...

Trunk or treat at Amanda's ward. I know some of you don't like Trunk or Treats. It was a first for us and we LOVED it! Lots of candies, lots of friends...great Halloween night!