Friday, July 17, 2009

All on a Saturday afternoon

I love Saturdays. It's a day off work and a day off school for the kids.
It's also the day we spend with the Kemp Kuties when Jed is at softball.
This Saturday was particularly eventful.
Cy was showing Mary Gail how to jump off the couch onto the cushions.
He stood up as Mary Gail was jumping head first.
Cy caught the top of Mary Gail's head with his cheek.
I know it looks bad but it's still hard to have a lot of sympathy of the kid when he can be such a bully.
Cy gets a black eye.
Taylor practices walking.
Cy gets to ride by Becca Boo to Walmart...he is thrilled and well, Boo, is probably terrified.
Taylor & Mary Gail are secure in their carseats on the Walmart trip.
Seriously, the binky came out of nowhere and she loves it.


Kemp Kuties said...

Mary-Gail, she is a tough girl & can hold her own. Poor Cy. I know that hurt him (and hurt is manly pride too).

Love Cy's cheesiest smile! Becca is praying that she gets to Walmart alive. :)

We LOVE spending Saturdays (and any other day for that matter) with you!

Spence and Car said...

I LOVE THE INTERACTION BETWEEN THE TWINS AND CY, COULD IT GET ANY BETTER. its gonna be so funny in 10yrs when they are all grown up and so so glad you actually found time to blog how do you do it all?