Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Are you kiddin' me?"

Cy's new nemesis that only lasted 5 minutes.
There are a few conversation lines that I love hearing Jed say. One of them is: "Are you kiddin' me?" He says it like he's actually expecting an answer and then it's usually followed by his funny shoulder raising laugh. This line is used quite often with Cy. This event was no different.
As I previously mentioned, Cy is climbing out of his bed. But the best part of the story is that he can also open doors. Whether it be the bedroom door, bathroom door or in this picture the hall closet, it has become quite a problem. This closet contains all the kids coloring and art supplies. After a few break-ins and break-outs, Jed decided it was time to put the safety things on the door knobs. Ironically, we didn't have to use these with the other kids. Apparently, "No" just doesn't mean a whole lot to this kid. You would think this new device would deflect most kids from processing. Cy, on the other hand, just saw it as a challenge. The safety knob lasted maybe a good 5 minutes against Cy. Once Cy got it off, he put it back together and instantly it was a ball. Maybe it was the hereditary A.D.D. in him that distracted him from actually opening the door but he took his new ball and went to play ball without bothering the art supplies. Either way, we didn't have clean up so I think the parents won this on.

This never would have happened to my dolls!

Anyone who played dolls with me (Roo and Car) when we were younger, will testify that I was obsessive about how MY dolls were treated. I really didn't care what happened to other people's dolls (sorry Car). In fact, I often encouraged giving dolls make-overs. This usually involved hair-cuts, permanent make-up with maker, etc. My barbies were well maintained, always dressed and some kept in original boxes. I know, I was a crazy kid with major case of OCD. One generation later, this is my Reese. It's safe to say Reese does not possess any of barbie fanatic traits. She is the other extreme. Reese likes to color on her dolls, pull their legs off, sometimes I even find them decapitated! To my horror, this is how I found Reese...there was not many barbies left who hadn't been affected. FYI: I let Reese have her fun but I have to admit, I immediately fixed all of them and put them back in their original clothing (I know, I haven't overcome the intense need for them to look perfect!).

Can you do that?

Gage has been wrestling for the past couple of weeks. He loves it and he's amazing at it. It's a new sport for Jed and I. It's great to encourage Gage to "get him, hold him down, squeeze him!" because we usually have to remind Gage to be gentle, not so rough...but wrestling is where Gage can let loose and try anything. Gage has practices on Wednesday nights and then Dual meets on Thursdays. This last Thursday, Gage got the kid down and tapped the mat: 1, 2, 3...and then stood up. The coaches and ref were like, "what is he doing?" Jed and I just laughed and told Gage to get back in there. At home when we wrestle, if Gage pins you (or he gets pinned), you count to 3 and the round is over. Apparently, the house wrestling rules are a little different than an actual dual meet. Isn't Gage the cutest thing in that singlet?!