Wednesday, September 17, 2008

soon we'll see car and spence

Reese has been so anxious and worried about seeing her favorite aunt CarCar and tomorrow we will finally hop in the car for 9-10hrs and make the drive to see Spence and Car. The kids are super excited Reese's main concern was in AZ would CarCar have conditioner for her hair? I quickly reassured her that she would and to make her feel even better we could bring some with us. Gage already told his teach Ms. Smith that he would be in AZ so not to worry when he doesn't come to class tomorrow. I think Cy could careless as long as he can bring his bat and ball with him he'll have a great time. And baby Taylor will have to show off how much she has grown. I'm super excited to see Car and Spence's place and swim like fish all weekend. I can't believe its been almost a whole month since they left. and i'll for sure tell all when we get home on sunday.

Monday, September 8, 2008

30th B-day bash

Amanda & Carly threw me a surprise birthday party for my big 3 0. Carly invited my friends and decorated the back yard. There were chips and salsa along with Carly's wonderful, cheesy Mexican dip and fantastic guacamole. It's crazy to think that I'm 30, but so far I am loving it.

Here are a couple pictures from the big party back in August. My super awesome in-laws were also in on the scoop, and helped with the kids while I was swept away for an over-nighter to Park City. Thanks Rick & Lisa!

Gage taking some swings at the Pinata Carly got. My friends brought their kids too, and they each got a turn smacking the Pinata.

Carly & Spencer made a slide show with some pictures from my old photo albums. Spencer put the pictures to music and set the computer up outside for the slide show. He calculated that I was 10,750 days old! (I think I'll use "30" when someone asks my age).

The slide show was wonderful, and my kids loved seeing pictures of themselves too.

Thank you to EVERYONE for this wonderful birthday! It was truly a surprise!!

st. george and counting!

ok. only 4wks left til the st. george marathon. my dad, sister and i have been training for the race this summer. i don't know what i was thinking as baby taylor is only 4mo old! on saturday my dad and i ran 20miles, so we are on track for the race i hope! we have had a great race crew with manda riding the bike with reese in the trailer (what can i say she loves to be involved) carrying our water and making sure we stay on pace. wish us love the days are counted!!!

a night of twilight!

ok, like most of you i have read the twilight series and loved every page (except some of book 3 and some of book 2 if you know what i mean jacob haters:)) anyways we thought it would be super cool to go to the book opening at barnes and noble in orem, stay up extremely late and fight for the book we loved. so we went to barnes and noble at 9pm and quickly found out some real interesting people love the twilight series as well, we kept laughing at how outrageous people were, and then we were more shocked to realize they love to read? interesting. anyways we had a great time and we stayed up til 1am to get our book that we found out later was available at walmart with no line.:)